Summary Synthesis


For Interdisciplinary Studies I decided to focus on three disciplines; photography, journalism and sustainability. These disciplines are what I’m most passionate about which is why I decided to mix them together. I am hoping this major will allow me to work for a company taking photos and writing about sustainability as the broader picture. To learn more about my major click here.

For my applied project I decided I wanted to create my own personal magazine which included articles written by me about topics that are related to sustainability, and include my photos that relate to the articles being written. I have taken photos for the clock student newspaper and contributed photos for a local food magazine, but I had not had the chance to write or take photos of what I’m most interested in. This was a way to show the world what I am capable of doing with my major. I really enjoyed creating this magazine and I’m glad I decided to do it but while I was in the process I realized creating a magazine is not a one person job, and thats okay. This project has brought me reassurance that this is what I truly want to do and it has allowed me to learn a lot about my major as a whole. You can find my applied project here.

For my research article I decided to research how countries/cities around the world are becoming more sustainable through alternative energy, recycling/waste, and alternative transportation. I chose this topic because I think it’s important for countries around the world to note what other countries are doing that are sustainable, so they can potentially follow their footsteps in what works. This topic was important to me because I believe we should be looking at other countries ways of doing things but also sharing what were doing that works and doesn’t work. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of research articles but I realized through writing this article that I really enjoy writing about sustainability as I am very passionate about it. You can find my research article here.

Creating my applied project and writing my research article was amazing and I enjoyed all of it. These two topics go hand in hand because eventually I want to use my major and work for a magazine so I can write/take photos on topics related to sustainability. Even greater would be to travel around the world and document what cities/countries are doing all that is sustainable. I want my major to give me the opportunity to change lives and make our world more sustainable by looking at what others are doing. I will never look back at this time and regret pursuing my passions through Interdisciplinary studies. My courses, applied project and my research article have given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge very far into what I am passionate about. I now have knowledge and a physical product of what I am capable of doing with my major. Interdisciplinary Studies has allowed me to solve problems in the academic field and in my everyday life by combining different disciplines.

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